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Sweet cabbage with champignons, roasted dumplings, yeast „Kulebiak” dumpling with cabbage and champignons

Sweet cabbage with champignons 

1 cabbage, 0,5 kg of champignons, a half of box of margarine, a spoon of lemon juice, 1 apple, sugar, instant sauce, salt and pepper. 

Slice the cabbage and cook it until it becomes soft. Wash the champignons and them cut them into slices, add the lemon juice and stew in margarine. Add the champignons to cabbage and sliced apple. Add spices to make the taste more intense. 

Roasted dumplings

Ingredients for the pastry
50 dag of cottage cheese, 50 dag of flour, 25 dag of margarine, salt and one egg to lubricate the pastry 
Ingredients for the filling
40 dag of champignons, 2 small onions, 2 spoons of butter, 2 spoons of breadcrumbs, 1 egg, salt, pepper. 

Crush the cottage cheese; add one flat spoon of salt, margarine, and flour. Try to make a dense pastry (if it is too watery, add some flour). Fry sliced champignons and onion on butter and add salt and pepper to make the taste more intense. Left the filling to cool a bit, add one egg, breadcrumb, and form the pastry. Form dumplings by wrapping the filling with the pastry, lubricate with the egg and bake for approximately 20 minutes in 200 ⁰C.

Yeast „Kulebiak” dumpling with cabbage and champignons

The Kulebiak is a big, fried dumpling filled with meat, fungi, etc. When it comes to the Easter holiday, housewives cannot image celebration without the Kulebiak filled with cabbage and fungi. 
The Forgotten Cuisine of the Polish Borderlands, by Agnieszka Kozłowska

Ingredients for the pastry
35 dag of flour, a half of a cup of milk, 3 dag of yeast, 5 dag of butter, one egg, oil 
Ingredients for the filling
65 dag of cabbage, 0, 5 kg of champignons, oil, 1 medium onion, salt, and pepper. 

Slice the cabbage and stew it in water. Roast the onion in oil and add sliced champignons. Add some salt and pepper to make the taste more intense. Mix yeast with milk and a spoon of flour. Left the pastry to grow. Add one egg and the rest of flour. Form the pastry. Add some preheated butter and form the pastry until it becomes firm. Put in a warm place to grow. Afterwards, place the pastry on the molding board and form a rectangle. Even the form and put the filling on the pastry. Roll the top and fold the sides of the pastry using egg or water. Put the dumpling on a board covered with oil and left it to grow. Lubricate the top with egg and make few punctures with a fork. Roast the dumpling until the pastry turns golden. Serve hot, cut in slices, and lubricate with a sauce. 
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