About Champignons

In Poland, mushrooms are popular and consumed on regular basis, both those growing freely in meadows and in forest and breeding species. Among almost 2500 species of mushrooms, only 22 of them are suitable for commercial production.
On the basis of analysis of chemical composition of edible mushrooms, it has been claimed that champignons are food products providing variety of microelements that beneficial for health, such as: Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals. All those elements are important for proper development of the body, as well as for maintaining its basic functions. The mushrooms can constitute a basis of food portion of a healthy adult.
Proper storing can facilitate keeping the fungi fresh. Champignons show tendency to become rotten after a short while.
Sweet cabbage with champignons, roasted dumplings, yeast „Kulebiak” dumpling with cabbage and champignons
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