About us


Grzybek Łosicki is the highest quality brand of fresh mushrooms. We specialise in sale of fresh champignons, oyster mushrooms and portobello – highly valued by Customers in Poland and all Europe. Grzybek Łosicki is also high quality and professionalism in products preparation, packing and distribution.
The strength of our Cooperative is represented by:

  • Stability
    We are the largest union of mushroom manufacturers in Poland, our total area of crops amounts to approx. 60 thousand square metres. 

  • Delivery continuity
    Due to an advanced production we guarantee delivery continuity of always healthy and fresh products (over 450 tonnes of highest quality mushrooms a week).

  • Flexibility
    We instantly react to Customer’s needs– thanks to our reliable manufacturers we are able to deliver excellent quality product within a short time, in any amount to a place appointed.

  • Highest quality
    We rely on high quality in each area of our activity starting from production free of pesticides to distribution and logistics.     

  • Freshness guarantee
    Members of our Cooperative are experts in the field of champignons cultivation and they care of their highest quality, which is confirmed by GLOBAL.G.A.P certificates they possess.

  • Naturalness and health
    Our mushrooms are cultivated in the area of unique and very salubrious microclimate (characterised by exceptional cleanness of air) which creates perfect conditions for cultivation of healthy and ecological food – in the zone classified to the Polish Green Lungs and which is one of the European Green Lungs elements.

  • International management standard
    We come up to expectations of our European Customers on the highest level and for each type of our fresh mushrooms which is demonstrated by our certificates (IFS, GLOBAL.G.A.P., ISO 22000:2006, HACCP)

  • Innovation and modern technology
    We have a modern distributive and logistic centre equipped in state-of-the-art cooling devices (among others, shock as well as vacuum freezers), devices for sorting, storage, cutting, packing, discharging and loading. 

  • Competitive prices
    We rationalise costs, we work with an aim to achieve self-sufficiency and independence (among others, we produce our own packagings).

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