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Grzybek Łosicki Cooperative is a leading Polish group of fresh mushrooms manufacturers and exporters. Our offer includes white mushrooms and brown mushrooms, portobello as well as oyster mushrooms of highest quality.

Mushrooms included in our offer originate exclusively from selected crops. Our members guarantee highest quality standards on each stage of production and distribution. It is confirmed by GLOBALG.A.P. and IFS certificates they possess. Having our own crops, we can guarantee deliveries of freshly collected, aromatic and tasty mushrooms for 365 days a year in the amount anticipated by our business partners. Thanks to the use of modern machinery, innovative mushroom cooling, storage and compaction technology, we always guarantee freshness of our products. We always prepare the product according to Customer’s requirements. We fulfil highest standards for Polish and international wholesale and retail market, culinary industry as well as industrial market. We offer our mushrooms both in retail packagings and bulk containers – for further industrial or gastronomic use. We are a company valued in Poland and Europe. Gourmets from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Great Britain and Russia have already become fond of our champignons.
Grzybek Łosicki is the highest quality brand of fresh mushrooms. We specialise in sale of fresh champignons, oyster mushrooms and portobello – highly valued by Customers in Poland and all Europe. Grzybek Łosicki is also high quality and professionalism in products preparation, packing and distribution.
Our manufacturers initiated champignons cultivation in the area of Podlasie. First halls appeared over quarter a century ago. After years Podlasie has become the largest champignon field in Poland and Europe and our Cooperative has become the largest manufacturers union and a leading exporter on the European market.
In the section we present the key figures.
History of awards received by the Cooperative
Since initiation of Grzybek Łosicki Cooperative we have built a stable brand and established position on the market. We are trusted by many permanent Customers.
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