Advanced technology

Mushrooms in nature have a short shelf life. Due to the use of the latest storage technology, mushrooms maintain freshness for a longer time.
We put considerable attention to each stage of product preparation: from mushrooms harvest, through the process of cooling and packing to distribution.

  • the most significant to us is champignons fast cooling to the temperature of 2oC and keeping such a temperature till loading time.
  • just after their harvest champignons are placed in manufacturers’ freezer. Then, after cooling they are transported by specialised cars to Cooperative logistic and distributive centre. Here they are promptly placed in shockers and vacuum freezers.
  • process line (ventilation run and all fully air-conditioned halls in our distributive centre) allows for keeping constant ideal temperature of 2oC. 
  • each room is separated by tight door with an aim to protect champignons which are in the warehouse against any temperature change. It guarantees that Customer shall receive only fresh and excellent quality mushrooms.

Packing system plays a significant role in our Cooperative. A wide spectrum of packing possibilities guarantees excellent quality providing an extensive variety of products offered.

Our champignons are precisely classified and then packed in accordance with international quality requirements. We use only carefully selected materials in order to guarantee proper transportation of mushrooms to their place of destination maintaining their taste, aroma and look since their harvest: 

  • loading of fresh product is performed gradually just after receipt from manufacturers to guarantee that fresh mushrooms should be sent to Customer immediately after harvest.

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