Unique region

Clean environment and unique microclimate 
Łosice District is a small picturesque area of Southern Podlasie of unique natural and ecological values. Forests cover over 1/5 of the area here. Among them there are unchanged by man areas of “Podlasie Bug Gorge” Landscape Park with nature reserves. For cultivation of our champignons we selected that region itself in which both natural environment and ecological agriculture dominate.

  • Unique and very healthy Bug climate of extraordinary air cleanness and a lack of facilities which are bothersome for environment and people’s health not only facilitates agritourism development but also creates perfect conditions for cultivation of healthy and ecological food – in the zone classified to the Polish Green Lungs and which is one of the European Green Lungs elements.
  • Huszlew Commune (located within the area of Łosice District) belongs to Uncontaminated Environment Association. It is a typically agricultural commune in which farmlands cover over 80% of the area.

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